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"Nocciola Golosa" Hazelnuts Family Farm in the green hills of Langhe, a Unesco heritage site
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Our BASIC Products

Piedmont Hazelnut Roasted

Piedmont Hazelnut Roasted -  "Nocciola Golosa"

Evenly roasted hazelnuts that are vacuum sealed whole in order to preserve 100% of their aroma.

Ideal for cakes, cooking and snacks.

Packaging : 250 gr and 1 Kg 


Piedmont Hazelnut - Granella

Piedmont Hazelnut - Granella -  "Nocciola Golosa"

Roasted hazelnuts crumbled into small flakes. Vacuum-packed. Ideal for cakes and cooking.

Packaging : 250 gr and 1 Kg. 

Piedmont Hazelnut - Flour

Piedmont Hazelnut - Flour -  "Nocciola Golosa"

Roasted hazelnuts crushed in order to produce flour. Vacuum-packed. Ideal for cakes and cooking.

Packaging: 250 gr and 1 Kg. 

Candied Hazelnut

Candied Hazelnut -  "Nocciola Golosa"

Whole roasted hazelnuts are evenly candied with sugar. Ex.cellent as a snack.

Packaging: 150 gr 


100% Hazelnut Paste

100% Hazelnut Paste -  "Nocciola Golosa"

Roasted hazelnuts ground in a mill in order to obtain a hazelnut paste. Natural sweetener.. 100% HAZELNUT. GLUTEN FREE

Ideal for ice cream and cakes. Excellent ingredient for cooking.

Packaging: 200 Gr as picture or plastic pail size: 3 Kg or 5 Kg.